Secured Online Shopping In Nigeria


Going by the growth of social media users and the development of the world, it is clear that most business are moving from the regular system of face to face to internet business. And this supposed to be of great opportunity for online vendors and  customers.

But going by the rate of internet crime increasing day by day, one would have to be careful when buying things online particularly when the vendor is not a well known registered business or company. One of the major reasons why most Nigerians don’t buy products online from Nigerian vendors is because of the increase in internet fraud. This does not only affect the genuine vendors but also affect customers who aspired to buy a good product but for fear of scam they retreat.


When buying products online from Nigerian vendors, if there is no payment on delivery you should look out for PAYSTACK. Paystack is a secured payment system for online business in Africa. Paystack company like PayPal is an American company and they are secured like Paypal. There are security measure they use to scrutinise online vendors before they accept them. Nobody can scam you with paystack.

Also check out if the vendor you want to buy from has registered their company or business name under CAC.


Most Nigerians do not want to purchase anything online especially when it has to do with online payment or deposit payment. This has resulted in the use of payment on delivery method  by many online vendors. But online vendors only try to solve the issue of fear of scam for the customers while it creates a huge problem for online vendors.

While you wish to buy things online using payment on delivery, some customers like you place order online but y the time the item arrived and the logistics company or rider calls the customer, most times these customers do not pick up calls, some would pick and say they are no longer in need of the order, other will give different excuses without considering the fact that the vendor spent money in delivering their order to their location. We have seen so many excuses which as a result if care is not taken some of the goods may get damage before they are transported to the vendor, the vendor has to spend money again to receive his products. This issue is currently frustrating many genuine online vendors like us Lumaarc Interiors. We also understand that  buying products without seeing them first is not quite okay but most times these customers don’t even see their order before they change their mind like mood swings.

Fellow Nigerian, we know there are fraudstars online moving like a roaring lion ready to devour, but don’t forget there are so many genuine vendors than scammers online. If we continue without solving the problem, if we continue like this without a solution to these problems facing eCommerce business it would bring a great set back for our development when it would have brought great opportunities for a country like ours. So instead of getting frustrated, we to come up with a solution. We have come up with the best solution that can mediate the issue between the vendors and the customers relating to payment before delivery or after delivery.

Now we all know there are several logistics companies around us, it is better every Nigerian who wants to buy items online from Nigerian vendors should get acquainted with one or two logistics services closer to his or her location. The purpose of this is to make the logistic company stand as a guarantor between the customers and vendors. For instance, if you come to place order for items on our website and you didn’t see the option of full payment on delivery, you can contact us and give us the contact of logistics service closer to you which you will like to use for your order delivery. Once we speak with them and verified that they are genuine, we then ask you to make full payment to them or deposit to them before we ship your order to them to be delivered to you by them. We believe this is the only solution to solve the problem facing genuine online vendors and customers. You may feel reluctant about this as a customer thinking getting in torch with logistic companies will not be easy.

You can search google, instagram, facebook for logistics companies or pick and delivery services closer to your location. Call them or go to their office, and let them know you want to use them to receive your order from so and so vendor and would like to pay to them before delivery after the vendor might have verified them as requested buy the vendor.

By Rex Mayor Ubini C.E.O of Lumaarc Interiors.

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