A Set of four 12x15inches frames 5191 (dd)

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I know a product that can beat the beauty of this Set of four 12x16inches arts panels on your wall, if it’s not this product it is still this product made by Rex Mayor Ubini framed art print, ready to hang, with hanging accessories included.

Art category: Pop Paintings
Picture category: Dining, Kitchen


Imagine having this set of wall panel decor on your wall especially your dining space or bar, that feeling of your favorite hotel or restaurant is brought home.

Never go to restaurants or your favorite eatery just to hang out to just enjoy a meal in a beautiful environment, your home can be as beautiful as your favourite commercial eatery. This product will effortlessly transform that space on your dining bringing the feelings of comfort and accomplishments. It’s elegance is second to none, not comparable to regular frames. the uniqueness will give you a great edge of satisfaction and worth for your money.

  • Picture panel is the new modern wall frame replacing regular frames just as flat screen tv replaced box Tv.
  • It’s a frameless panel having a framelike edge with great design.
  • It’s durable and not liable to breakage in the event of fall unlike regular frames.
  • It’s not made with glass but it’s protective vynl material reflects and shine like glass so glossy and not breakable.
  • It’s a great gift item that anyone who receives it will be so grateful to have it.

This product may look expensive in your eyes but when you see it, surely you will confirm like others that it worth even more than it’s price. it’s quality is not compared to any frame with lesser price. It’s time you replicate the beauty you have inside on your wall.

Don’t wait another day, make your wall beautiful as it reflects on your personal beauty and how your visitors evaluate your personality. Home is where we are from and we can’t leave our home behind so make it beautiful.

A Set of four 12x16inches arts frames, by Rex Mayor Ubini framed art print, ready to hang, with hanging accessories included. framed on a lightweight wall panel board, textured waterproofed fine art paper and leave a thin white border to surround the image. A premium Acrylite clear-coat is applied to protect against stain and still provide a crystal clear view of the artwork. Now ready to beautify your home for years to come.

Wall Panel interior decor high quality standard interior decor, made for home, hotels, office, event center etc. It’s elegance is second to none, bringing the light of beauty to your wall. Not sold in every store, not sold on roadside market. Wall Panel frames are custom made with high quality materials sold here, perfectly sized and designed to meet high interior standards/ Be sure you understand measurement by inches before you purchase our products because the size of an image cannot be known in a picture, So don’t judge the size by what you are seeing. Get a tape and measure out the real size stated here.

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2 reviews for A Set of four 12x15inches frames 5191 (dd)

  1. Ekwueme Jerry (Verified Buyer)

    It’s perfect and beautiful, I love it

  2. Bassy Adekunle (Verified Buyer)

    My dining Wall looks amazing with this set of Paintings

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